Looking To Get Started On Twitter? 5 Things to Do

Whether it is the fretfulness of not understanding what to do or the dread of probably looking dumb – it is easy to put off signing up for Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook until tomorrow…next week…. or next month. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do to get started on Twitter. 

Make a bio that captures your business: 

Twitter is broadly identified as one of the most open social network, in which most of the communication on the site happens in front of the people in the news stream. Remember when creating your bio, more people will discover you on Twitter those have no preceding knowledge of who you’re or what you do. 


If you had few seconds to articulate your business to a stranger within 160 characters, what’d you say? That’ll be your bio.

Upload an image that makes you stand out:

Do not overlook the significance of choosing the right picture for your profile. For businesses, the appropriate profile picture will be one that your consumers already know & relate with your business – like the logo of your company. For individuals, you will wish to employ a close-up headshot & ensure you’re the only person in the picture. 

Discover the appropriate people to follow: 

When you follow on Twitter; it will show the kind of content you’ve access to & the quality of the relationship you are able to develop. Due to this, you will wish to initiate some criteria according to your experience, your industry, and what you are striving to get. People you wish to follow may include colleagues, friends, people working in your industry, and even present or possible customers.

When you are starting out, the secret is to follow businesses, identical to yours those are doing it well – don’t replicate everything they tweet, but give attention to how they’re engaging & the kind of content they share. 

Get the tools:

Like anything else, if you wish to be booming on Twitter you wish to ensure you’ve the appropriate tools. There’re several tools out there like:

•    Monitor your profile on the go with the help of Twitter mobile app

•    Schedule tweets & track your reach with Hootsuite

Connect your touch points:

According to a study, 80.5% of small business websites don’t link to social media networks. Please don’t make this blunder. Connecting your site to your Twitter profile will help in driving traffic & organically building your social following. You will also wish to ensure you are integrating a link into your e-mail newsletter with an influential call-to-action. `

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